ITS for innovative technology:A new learning and training system. A new way to work directly. The beginning of a new project of  life .

Cultural goods: The greatest world heritage improvement. A cultural system planning.

Cultural activities: Events organizing, blog management, living the culture. The “nurture” of the human mind.

Tourism: The tourism system innovation management. To make people travel and discover new horizons and countries.

Just a bit about us

The ITS (polythecnic school) BACT is:

  • an integrated system of services for qualified (higher level) technician training and work placement concerning “innovative technlogy about tourism and cultural goods and activities”;
  • a “knowledge community” with advanced skills to spot, develop,  disclose and transfer the scientific and technological research issues to PMI for the tourism and cultural goods and activities recovery, restoration, improvement, administration and fruition;
  • a productive network of  public and private organizations which operate within the field of cultural goods, cultural and creative industry and tourism, directly or indirectly connected to the improvement and touristic use of the heritage and the cultural events (even if less important), offered by the provincial administration of Naples;
  • a business incubator of companies promoted and managed by the participants of the training course offered by the institute, and also by a wider young audience in the different productive areas of interest/opportunities, especially in the cultural and creative industry fields, an important and developing business just in the province of Naples with high technical quality but with low managerial skills;
  • a matching structure between technicians/technologists supply and demand of cultural and touristic goods and activities, that makes the work placement process easier by setting Carrier Day and Matching Lab and Borsino about the competencies as well as starting placement whether  temporary or not (not just for ITS students) in the most functional forms for the companies flexibility needs and man power “flexicurity”.